Sponsor: MeasureMinds

MeasureMinds are the platinum sponsors for the event.

They are a specalist Analytics Agency, who are experts in Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager and Looker Studio.

They are creating some amazing tools and work with the biggest brands in the world. 


The answer to every agencies prayers are here! In the form of the GA4migrator.

The tool automatically does the following:

  • Migrates all your existing GA3 events to GA4
  • Migrates custom dimensions to custom definitions
  • Migrates custom metrics
  • Allows you to select auto-events or enhanced-events
  • Sets a default currency which is a required field for GA4 ecommerce
  • Enables GA3 to GA4 Eccomerce mapping

This tool is 100% free.


GTM clean-up tool is a piece of software designed to, you guessed it, clean up your GTM accounts. But what exactly does that mean?

It always initiates a ‘clean-up’ process when it goes through GTM accounts. In which, it will go through all tags, triggers, and variables and make sure that they all have a uniform naming protocol. 


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